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Christmas Lights

24 Dec

This song is a beautiful song full of christmas spirit and nostalgia! I know it’s a year old but I absolutely love it as well as the video.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Bad Typography is Everywhere

12 Jun

Craig Ward is a Typographer and Graphic Designer from the U.K. I particularly like him because he is right, bad typography is everywhere. Good typography is invisible/ Bad typography is everywhere. I think that we only notice the bad typography because it is so obvious and as consumers, we expect good typography!


The Real World

4 Nov

The first project of the third and final year, and it was appropriately named ‘The Real World.’ The third year were split into groups and briefed by Elmwood, via Skype. We were also told that the winning group would have the opportunity of a work placement with Elmwood, London.

For this project, each group was assigned mentors who are part of the design community in Cardiff. We were then named after the company. We were fortunate enough to work with Think Ark, who are a social design group who have been initiated by weekly meetings which take place in various locations around Cardiff. This way of working was helpful as it made us, as a group, relaxed in the meetings as it felt like a social occasion. We met up quite regularly with the mentors and had one specific person who we could contact to arrange meetings or for us to join in with their meetings.

The brief was to design an arriving and departing experience for the passengers of the Cardiff Airport. The brief was entitled ‘Take a Walk on the Welsh Side.’ The idea was to create an overall welcoming Welsh experience.

Our group decided to go down the route that two halves make a whole and that there is a traditional side to Wales as well as a modern side. We had four areas of Cardiff Airport to cover, Corridors, Baggage Reclaim, Passport Control and the Arrivals Hall. As a group, we decided that as the passengers stepped off the plane, they would be dehydrated from the flight and therefore would appreciate a freshly made Welsh cake and a bottle of Welsh water. One side of the corridors will be similar to that of a traditional cottage and the other will be contemporary with the use of natural materials. The corridors lead into Passport Control, which we felt should make use of Welsh building materials and boast of a large image of the Welsh countryside. As a team, we allowed ourselves to go wild with the Baggage Reclaim area, as we felt that everyone has a sigh of relief once they have journeyed through the security checks. We decided that the conveyor belt would depict a river weaving through the area while the flooring would illustrate a luscious green meadow. We wanted to immerse the passenger into the Welsh countryside! The Arrivals Hall would then continue with this idea with a market place for the locals to be able to buy their essentials before going home, so they don’t have to make a secondary trip to a supermarket and making their final leg of their journey home. The smell of fresh bread and milk is also a welcoming smell, which would emanate from this hall, and draw people towards the exit of the airport.

At the end of the project, each group was asked to present to Elmwood, each groups’ mentors, classmates and tutors. This was a good experience and I didn’t feel as daunted about presenting in front of a large group of people.

Unfortunately, our group didn’t achieve the work placement in London, which would have been an amazing experience. However, this project made me realise that there are always a lot of hurdles when working with a group. However, it improved my organizational skills and encouraged me to be more actively motivational to others. The feedback for this project was very encouraging. The term ‘herding cats’ was used and I felt a renewed sense of enthusiasm for this project.

Real World Evaluation Sheet

Satellite Creative

21 Aug

The company I had work experience with was based just outside London, in Berhamsted. And by chance, a friend I knew from my foundation year in art lived there! I found this company by chance. My brother’s graduation from Vet school in Bristol, the previous year, and my parents were sat on the same table as Andy Wilkinson and his wife, as their twin daughters had graduated from the same course. What are the chances! So I contacted Andy and set up dates for when I could visit his company. The company is a medium sized establishment, which is relatively rare at the moment in the U.K as there aren’t many around. The company is just forty minutes outside London, which means it gets a lot of clients from London without the stress of the city.

The placement week was amazing. I enjoyed every minute there. The whole experience made me realise that I on the right career path and encouraged me even more! Andy and his team allowed me to sit in on any meetings they were having. I had a real in-sight to how design agencies employ free lance designers, from how they are briefed, to their deliverables.

The team were working on several different projects at one time and I was allowed access to their database and discovered how they kept their files organised. I was thrown into designing the front cover for the ‘Annual Review 2010’ for the company ‘Tragus’ who own the restaurant chains of Strada, Bella Italia and Cafe Rouge. I also edited the rest of the content, to make sure each page kept to strict columns and type treatments. I really enjoyed this as the task allowed me to experience both sides of professional design, fine-tuning and creativity!

The week went far too quickly for my liking and I’m currently looking for more work experience, and maybe some in a printers so that I can gain knowledge of what happens to the design after it leaves the studio, and so that I can be more aware of printing restrictions and areas I could explore more.