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Exercise Your Will Power

15 Dec

I have stumbled upon Oscar Ramos‘ Behance profile whilst browsing the site. I absolutely love the personality given to the ‘healthy’ options! The close-ups are fantastic as well, I did spend a bit of time just gazing at the different images. Fantastic!

(I really should get myself a profile on there…)



18 Nov

I just read this blog post by Dustin Curtis, and he’s right! There is absolutely no point in waiting for that opportunity to come to you. My high school physics teacher once warned me not to wish my life away when I said that I was looking forward to a particular day. Engraving this in my mind and this post has just rejuvenated my passion of keeping busy! Take a look


Dalton M Ghetti

19 Sep

Recently I have looked into artists who use pencils. Not just draw with them but actually use them as part of their art. I came across Dalton M Ghetti who creates micro sculptures from the lead in the pencil. This is incredible how small and yet how detailed these sculptures are.


We’re down with the Soil Association

9 Oct

So, I have a confession to make. I was watching the ‘X Factor’ and in the adverts, this came on:

Amazing! It made me look up from what I was doing during the adverts and have a little listen.

‘Drawn to the Valley’ Art Exhibition

1 Sep

Before I came to university, I spent a year at Plymouth College of Art and Design doing a Foundation Degree in Art, Design and Media.

I live in a small village in east Cornwall, called Calstock, an area of outstanding natural beauty, where the local artists have joined together to form the ‘Drawn to the Valley’ group. This group acts as a support network for the artists, but also to give to the local economy through the sales of their exhibitions and Open Studio days. The group is open to artists from all forms of media from ceramics to abstract art, but available to artists who work or live in the Tamar Valley.

One of the artists, Val Kirby, is a neighbour of mine, which is how I originally found out about this annual exhibition. I have enjoyed going back to memories from my foundation year, which was full of experimenting. I look through the exhibitions in various locations with my mom who I refresh my memory with and explain some of the printing processes to create the works of art. I find this challenging and fascinating because I tend to remember most of the details!

Here are a few artists work that I have been to see.

Smashing Magazine

25 Jun

I have stumbled across this website which is packed full of interest! There are step by step tutorials of various digital processes, inspiration and design. I could literally spend hours browsing the different links! It is updated regularly, so there will always be something new to look at!


I hope you will find this site as useful and intriguing as I have.

End of Year Exhibition

7 Jun

At the end of each year, there is an exhibition which is mainly for the graduating years. I ventured to Howard Gardens (which is a different campus of my university) to have a look at Cardiff School of Art and Design graduating years’ exhibition. Along the way I took the liberty to photograph some of the work that I, personally, was interested in.