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Exercise Your Will Power

15 Dec

I have stumbled upon Oscar Ramos‘ Behance profile whilst browsing the site. I absolutely love the personality given to the ‘healthy’ options! The close-ups are fantastic as well, I did spend a bit of time just gazing at the different images. Fantastic!

(I really should get myself a profile on there…)


Beer Mat Characters

5 Dec

Yes, this post has been a long time in coming, but I was going through my stickies on my mac and re discovered my list of these beauties!

@InkyGoodness posted these on their twitter. From what I can tell, they held a beer mat character competition and a number of Illustrators have designed them. My personal favourite is the happy jellyfish one! They’re all linked to the original Instagram posts with the individual illustrators accredited to.

Jasmine Foster Illustration

1 Aug

Yesterday I wondered into a lovely little gallery in Looe, Cornwall. In the Whistlefish Gallery, I found a beautiful selection of greetings cards and thought I would share them with you. The illustrator behind them is Jasmine Foster who lives in Cornwall.


Alberto Seveso

23 May

Alberto Seveso is an Italian Graphic Designer and Illustrator. I love his unique style and layouts. The colours he uses are strong, coupled with the contrast between strong vector shapes, flowing lines and water marks create an interesting overall design which keeps the audience engaged.