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Exercise Your Will Power

15 Dec

I have stumbled upon Oscar Ramos‘ Behance profile whilst browsing the site. I absolutely love the personality given to the ‘healthy’ options! The close-ups are fantastic as well, I did spend a bit of time just gazing at the different images. Fantastic!

(I really should get myself a profile on there…)


Lovely Typography

26 Oct

I’ve been a little rubbish recently with my blog, so I apologise for that! So I thought I would share a little gem of typography. I love this typographic piece “Treat Yourself” I found it while I was searching google images with this phrase! It looks as though it could be a tattoo, but it instantly caught my eye when I was scanning the page. Feast your eyes on it!


Dalton M Ghetti

19 Sep

Recently I have looked into artists who use pencils. Not just draw with them but actually use them as part of their art. I came across Dalton M Ghetti who creates micro sculptures from the lead in the pencil. This is incredible how small and yet how detailed these sculptures are.


Angry Birds Live

5 Aug

T-mobile have yet again managed to create some lovely adverts, using real life scenarios. Just shows, nothing is impossible.

Behind the scenes version, giving you a look into how it was all created!

Deadmau5 Stage Production

26 Jul

I was recently told about the stage production behind the DJ Deadmau5. They were amazing visuals that I could not share it on my blog. There are two specialities Deadmau5 does: Windows Shut Down and his talking Mau5 head. Apologies for the quality as I’ve never been to a Deadmau5 concert to experience it first hand. Here they are:

It’s about a minute in when it ‘shuts down.’

It’s about a minute in when the head starts ‘talking.’




24 Jun

The end of the exhibition at University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, marks the start of Class of 2011’s journey into the industry.

Congratulations to the graduating Class of 2011 BA (Hons) Graphic Communication.

Class of 2011 including some lovely and helpful staff

Bad Typography is Everywhere

12 Jun

Craig Ward is a Typographer and Graphic Designer from the U.K. I particularly like him because he is right, bad typography is everywhere. Good typography is invisible/ Bad typography is everywhere. I think that we only notice the bad typography because it is so obvious and as consumers, we expect good typography!