The Social City

30 Nov

Towards the end of October 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated the east coast of the United States. With social media channels packed with images of the storm approaching and the after effects. Reports after the hurricane showed that social media assisted in spreading the news to New Yorkers, whilst using “light weight apps” such as Twitter.

Hootsuite hosted a great webinar with Rachel Haot, who is the Chief Digital Officer for NY Government. Rachel detailed the social media plan for NY and explained how New Yorker’s can donate their twitter handle during an emergency to spread news faster in desperate situations.

I have only brushed the surface of the content, so have a little look at the Social City webinar and let me know what you think.


Worst Client Feedback

23 Nov

You know what they say, everything happens for a reason and you know what, they are right! As a designer, I have had the absolute pleasure to do something that I love and to sit in on those delightful client meetings! It’s such a great feeling when you deliver an outcome you and your client love! But we all know this doesn’t always come straight away and I must admit I had to giggle when I saw this collection of posters brought to you by a collection of Ireland’s creatives. This work is in aid of Temple Street Children’s Hospital and these posters are all for sale with all the proceeds going to the Children’s Hospital. I have selected a few personal favourites, the rest can be found here. (Believe me, it’s worth it!)



18 Nov

I just read this blog post by Dustin Curtis, and he’s right! There is absolutely no point in waiting for that opportunity to come to you. My high school physics teacher once warned me not to wish my life away when I said that I was looking forward to a particular day. Engraving this in my mind and this post has just rejuvenated my passion of keeping busy! Take a look


The Ghosts of War

14 Nov

A friend just shared these amazing photos with me. A Dutch historian, Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse, blends history into the present day by overlaying two images of the same place. I love looking through old photos of towns or cities and trying to determine which part of town is it and how things have changed. Look at the full article here.


Gorgeous Ceramic Buttons

19 Dec

Recently my regular blogging skills have not been up to much at all, but it has been for a very good reason! I was recently given the opportunity to choose a product to create a website for! For some reason, I thought of the idea of selling lovely hand painted and hand-made ceramic buttons for people to sew into cushions, cards, hot water bottle covers and so on! I have been really fortunate to be able to come up with an idea and have it exist.

So here it is. My idea, Ceramic Buttons Online. Take a little look around and explore! There are some gorgeous hand picked ceramic buttons! A blog for the website should be up and running soon, bursting full of ideas for applications for the buttons! The sky is the limit for this.


21 Nov

This is an amazing video by Mat Whitecross for Coldplay. Their recent single taken from the album Mylo Xyloto. I love this music video because it tells you more of a story. Of late, there has been a flurry of music videos which simply show the artist or group singing in the sun. However, this video is more striking and encourages the viewer to stop and watch the video. There is also obvious humour within this video with the band dressed up as elephants. I could watch this mini film a number of times without getting bored and ultimately wanting an elephant onesie for Christmas!


Lovely Typography

26 Oct

I’ve been a little rubbish recently with my blog, so I apologise for that! So I thought I would share a little gem of typography. I love this typographic piece “Treat Yourself” I found it while I was searching google images with this phrase! It looks as though it could be a tattoo, but it instantly caught my eye when I was scanning the page. Feast your eyes on it!