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Interesting article from Hootsuite’s Ry

20 Feb

Interesting article from Hootsuite’s Ryan Holmes// The Pepperoni MBA — Medium


Marc Jacobs Pop-Up Shop Takes Tweets, In

10 Feb

Marc Jacobs Pop-Up Shop Takes Tweets, Instagrams for Payment

Worst Client Feedback

23 Nov

You know what they say, everything happens for a reason and you know what, they are right! As a designer, I have had the absolute pleasure to do something that I love and to sit in on those delightful client meetings! It’s such a great feeling when you deliver an outcome you and your client love! But we all know this doesn’t always come straight away and I must admit I had to giggle when I saw this collection of posters brought to you by a collection of Ireland’s creatives. This work is in aid of Temple Street Children’s Hospital and these posters are all for sale with all the proceeds going to the Children’s Hospital. I have selected a few personal favourites, the rest can be found here. (Believe me, it’s worth it!)


Gorgeous Ceramic Buttons

19 Dec

Recently my regular blogging skills have not been up to much at all, but it has been for a very good reason! I was recently given the opportunity to choose a product to create a website for! For some reason, I thought of the idea of selling lovely hand painted and hand-made ceramic buttons for people to sew into cushions, cards, hot water bottle covers and so on! I have been really fortunate to be able to come up with an idea and have it exist.

So here it is. My idea, Ceramic Buttons Online. Take a little look around and explore! There are some gorgeous hand picked ceramic buttons! A blog for the website should be up and running soon, bursting full of ideas for applications for the buttons! The sky is the limit for this.

Ideas are more powerful than any weapon

16 Jul

I was fortunate enough to be given a ticket to the Merlin Lectures from The Marketing Academy at Fallon, London with Robert Senior as the speaker, the CEO of SSF Group. What a privilege! In return of the free ticket, I was asked to write a piece for Concept Cupboard‘s Blog, and here it is.


First iPhone Published Post

10 Sep

I was recently given a new (to me) iPhone! So as I was browsing all the different applications, I came across the wordpress one! Brilliant, I can now blog on the go! I just hope this post works!

Smashing Magazine

25 Jun

I have stumbled across this website which is packed full of interest! There are step by step tutorials of various digital processes, inspiration and design. I could literally spend hours browsing the different links! It is updated regularly, so there will always be something new to look at!

I hope you will find this site as useful and intriguing as I have.