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The web is what you make of it

21 Dec

I love the concept behind the Google Chrome advert. It is fantastic and shows how one person made the most out of the internet…

Which leads me onto my own personal experiment.

I would LOVE to work at Hootsuite, and as a result, I have created a blog dedicated to this cause! I am eager to see how social media will help me in my quest in landing a job at this creative company!

The blog is in its early stages, but have a little peek, share it if you like and give me some feedback on it! I’d love to hear what you guys think about it!

The blog can be found here:

Fingers crossed the Owls Hootsuite will catch a glimpse of this!



24 Jun

The end of the exhibition at University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, marks the start of Class of 2011’s journey into the industry.

Congratulations to the graduating Class of 2011 BA (Hons) Graphic Communication.

Class of 2011 including some lovely and helpful staff

On the way to New York!

15 Sep

This is my first scheduled post! When this gets posted, I will be sat on the plane ready to take off, headed for New York! (unless the plane is delayed, hopefully not!) This is my first ever trip to New York City! I’ve been to New York State, but was not able to make it further east! I was brought up in Hong Kong, so I am excited to go back to a big city, at least all the signs and instructions will solely be in English! When I’m there, I’m hoping that I will be able to visit all the touristy places, Empire State Building, Ground Zero, Central Park, Times Square, as well as get coffee, go to diners and have a stack of pancakes! (classic American, in my mind!) Fortunately I’m staying just outside Times Square, so in the thick of it! I’m also hoping to visit some art galleries and museums such as MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), Guggenheim, Museum of Natural History! These next few days are going to be extremely busy!

I hope the jet lag isn’t too bad!

‘Drawn to the Valley’ Art Exhibition

1 Sep

Before I came to university, I spent a year at Plymouth College of Art and Design doing a Foundation Degree in Art, Design and Media.

I live in a small village in east Cornwall, called Calstock, an area of outstanding natural beauty, where the local artists have joined together to form the ‘Drawn to the Valley’ group. This group acts as a support network for the artists, but also to give to the local economy through the sales of their exhibitions and Open Studio days. The group is open to artists from all forms of media from ceramics to abstract art, but available to artists who work or live in the Tamar Valley.

One of the artists, Val Kirby, is a neighbour of mine, which is how I originally found out about this annual exhibition. I have enjoyed going back to memories from my foundation year, which was full of experimenting. I look through the exhibitions in various locations with my mom who I refresh my memory with and explain some of the printing processes to create the works of art. I find this challenging and fascinating because I tend to remember most of the details!

Here are a few artists work that I have been to see.

End of Year Exhibition

7 Jun

At the end of each year, there is an exhibition which is mainly for the graduating years. I ventured to Howard Gardens (which is a different campus of my university) to have a look at Cardiff School of Art and Design graduating years’ exhibition. Along the way I took the liberty to photograph some of the work that I, personally, was interested in.

Second Year Exhibition

17 May

Second year graphic students at UWIC, get the chance to display their up-to-date pieces of work. Various clients and designers are invited to the viewings, as well as the general public. The students all have the chance at three work placements at Brand Union, and one placement at UWIC with their marketing team. I was shortlisted for the UWIC placement. Five students were interviewed by Mark Lloyd, and I was fortunate enough to be among them. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to land myself with the work placement, but I am encouraged that my work was noticed and was of a high standard.

I displayed two pieces of work, one where I showed the unattainable figure of Barbie. I compared sections of regular girls’ bodies, with Barbie’s and achieved a thought provoking piece of design.

The other, I had British Heart Foundation as my client and wrote my own brief which was to encourage volunteer fundraisers. I used a simple advertising method to attract the public and highlight the fact the fundraising needn’t be so complicated.