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The web is what you make of it

21 Dec

I love the concept behind the Google Chrome advert. It is fantastic and shows how one person made the most out of the internet…

Which leads me onto my own personal experiment.

I would LOVE to work at Hootsuite, and as a result, I have created a blog dedicated to this cause! I am eager to see how social media will help me in my quest in landing a job at this creative company!

The blog is in its early stages, but have a little peek, share it if you like and give me some feedback on it! I’d love to hear what you guys think about it!

The blog can be found here:

Fingers crossed the Owls Hootsuite will catch a glimpse of this!


T-Shirt Stop Motions

12 Oct

This is a lovely stop motion piece, by Rhett and Link, using t-shirts and lots of them! I think it’s mind-boggling and all throughout the video, I was trying to count the different t-shirts but was completely wrong!



and now watch this…


a McDonald’s commercial made by Rhett and Link. I love how the items on the t-shirts become reality! I think this is awesome! They were approached by McDonald’s after they had seen the first video!

Angry Birds Live

5 Aug

T-mobile have yet again managed to create some lovely adverts, using real life scenarios. Just shows, nothing is impossible.

Behind the scenes version, giving you a look into how it was all created!

Amsterdam Ad Blog YouTube Channel

2 Aug

Scrolling through YouTube I came across this channel! It is a video blog of advertisements, the website is brimming with awesome adverts.

When I was watching this video I was confused when both Adidas and Nike were on the same advert, but it soon became clear why…

‘Levi’s Goes Forth with Mural Artist Alexandro Farto’

2 Aug

‘Created by Wieden+Kennedy and directed by Sanne van Hecke’

Hear Music The Way The Artist Intended

30 Jun

I went to the cinema last night and LOVED this advert featuring Plan B, explaining how he composed his song. I found it simple yet effective and really interesting.

“Hear music the way the artist intended in this surround sound ad. Plug in your headphones for the full effect”

Hong Kong Rugby Sevens

20 Mar

I was born and brought up in Hong Kong, and every year, as a family, we would attend the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens. It is a huge annual event and its a big social weekend in Hong Kong. Since moving to the U.K I have been unable to go and have missed it massively! I found this advert for Cathay Pacific Airlines, a Hong Kong based airline. Some of my old schoolmates are featured in this advertisement, playing rugby.