Dissertation Symposium

5 Nov

I was asked to take part in a dissertation symposium Cardiff School of Art and Design was taking part in with The Arts University College at Bournemouth. My first instinct was to shy away and reject the invitation. However, after some thought and asking a few people, I was soon encouraged to take part! This was a very daunting task, as I find presentations nerve-wracking enough in front of my year group, whom I know, let alone in front of people peers from another University. However, I persevered and the presentation actually helped me define my dissertation a little more and therefore allow me to move further forward. The comments, questions and conversations, which trailed the presentation, were also extremely useful for me and highlighted areas I needed to research more thoroughly as well as opening up new avenues to take my dissertation down.

This took place the day after the Elmwood presentation and remarkably, I was more worried about this presentation than the ‘Real World’ one. The cause of this was because I felt more intimidated with the students.

Overall the experience was good and I feel more confident about presenting to unknown peers.


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