My Fish Tank

10 Oct

The site project was where we were asked to choose an object or a site, which was relatively mundane and ordinary, and make it extraordinary. For this project, I chose my fish tank, because I never really think about it other than when I feed my two gold-fish or when I clean the tank out. However, I realised, through extensive research, that I was more emotionally attached to the fish than I had originally thought. When I had first bought the fish, I was relatively lonely and I came to realise that I relied on the fish as companions whilst I was in my room. I found this project quite difficult, as I was uneasy about opening up to people about how I really felt about these fish! I found group tutorials with my peers awkward because I felt pathetic that I found solace in a pair of goldfish!

My outcome was a book, which was bound by fishing line through the method of Japanese slab stitch binding. We had to choose 6-8 different aspects of the object to communicate to the audience. In my case, my aspects were: colour, texture, the contents of the tank, distortion, unusual uses for everyday objects and reflections. Most of these aspects were photography based so I kept that theme through the book and accentuated the images to emphasise the particular aspect.

This project highlighted the importance of research for any project. No matter how much you think you know about a certain topic or object, you can always find out more!Creative Meaning Evaluation Sheet


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