Follow the Red Brick Road

14 Sep

I have just seen the new ‘Thinkbox’ TV advert. I have never heard of this company before, but it made me sit up and listen. I thought that it was a fresh way to advertise TV advertising! The comments that came from the sofa were complimentary, so I looked up the advert to post it and found the company behind the design, which was ‘The Red Brick Road’. Their website and work is minimalist but effective. I especially like their recent ‘Magners’ Ad for pear cider, where the poster is put up, up-side down, with the tag line of “It’s all gone pear-shaped. Perfect”

Most of the designs, I have seen from being on TV and I have really liked them. Although I’m not particularly fond of the designs for ‘Tesco’s’, they fit the company.

Have a browse.

Watch the Thinkbox Ad here


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