Satellite Creative

21 Aug

The company I had work experience with was based just outside London, in Berhamsted. And by chance, a friend I knew from my foundation year in art lived there! I found this company by chance. My brother’s graduation from Vet school in Bristol, the previous year, and my parents were sat on the same table as Andy Wilkinson and his wife, as their twin daughters had graduated from the same course. What are the chances! So I contacted Andy and set up dates for when I could visit his company. The company is a medium sized establishment, which is relatively rare at the moment in the U.K as there aren’t many around. The company is just forty minutes outside London, which means it gets a lot of clients from London without the stress of the city.

The placement week was amazing. I enjoyed every minute there. The whole experience made me realise that I on the right career path and encouraged me even more! Andy and his team allowed me to sit in on any meetings they were having. I had a real in-sight to how design agencies employ free lance designers, from how they are briefed, to their deliverables.

The team were working on several different projects at one time and I was allowed access to their database and discovered how they kept their files organised. I was thrown into designing the front cover for the ‘Annual Review 2010’ for the company ‘Tragus’ who own the restaurant chains of Strada, Bella Italia and Cafe Rouge. I also edited the rest of the content, to make sure each page kept to strict columns and type treatments. I really enjoyed this as the task allowed me to experience both sides of professional design, fine-tuning and creativity!

The week went far too quickly for my liking and I’m currently looking for more work experience, and maybe some in a printers so that I can gain knowledge of what happens to the design after it leaves the studio, and so that I can be more aware of printing restrictions and areas I could explore more.


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