Interesting article from Hootsuite’s Ry

20 Feb

Interesting article from Hootsuite’s Ryan Holmes// The Pepperoni MBA — Medium


Marc Jacobs Pop-Up Shop Takes Tweets, In

10 Feb

Marc Jacobs Pop-Up Shop Takes Tweets, Instagrams for Payment

Happy New Year

31 Dec

Looking over the last year, as everyone does this time of year! If you regularly watch videos on YouTube you may recognise a number of the faces!

Happy New Year!

Christmas Lights

24 Dec

This song is a beautiful song full of christmas spirit and nostalgia! I know it’s a year old but I absolutely love it as well as the video.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The web is what you make of it

21 Dec

I love the concept behind the Google Chrome advert. It is fantastic and shows how one person made the most out of the internet…

Which leads me onto my own personal experiment.

I would LOVE to work at Hootsuite, and as a result, I have created a blog dedicated to this cause! I am eager to see how social media will help me in my quest in landing a job at this creative company!

The blog is in its early stages, but have a little peek, share it if you like and give me some feedback on it! I’d love to hear what you guys think about it!

The blog can be found here:

Fingers crossed the Owls Hootsuite will catch a glimpse of this!

Exercise Your Will Power

15 Dec

I have stumbled upon Oscar Ramos‘ Behance profile whilst browsing the site. I absolutely love the personality given to the ‘healthy’ options! The close-ups are fantastic as well, I did spend a bit of time just gazing at the different images. Fantastic!

(I really should get myself a profile on there…)

Beer Mat Characters

5 Dec

Yes, this post has been a long time in coming, but I was going through my stickies on my mac and re discovered my list of these beauties!

@InkyGoodness posted these on their twitter. From what I can tell, they held a beer mat character competition and a number of Illustrators have designed them. My personal favourite is the happy jellyfish one! They’re all linked to the original Instagram posts with the individual illustrators accredited to.